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IP PBX Solution

Voxpro’s IP PBX solution is a flexible call control system that scales with your business needs as you grow. Best suited for today’s modern business environment with all must have enhanced features like conferencing, call forwarding and unified communications. Improve your employee productivity and accessibility by providing all collaboration tools available within one platform – Voice, video, IM, presence, mobility and many more.

We provide a complete package of IP/PBX which helps corporate and small business with more cost effective options for Voice Traffic, Enterprise Data and Phone Networks Merged, Lower Cost Moves, Adds, Changes, etc. Collectively, these features will provide the necessary boost to your organization; empower it to climb the stairs of success by increasing the efficiency and overall productivity.

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Voice logger

A Voice logger is an integral part of communication system. It is an important tool for recording interactions between contact centre agents, supervisors, and managers on one hand and prospects, leads or customers on the other. With voice compression and multiple-format recording you can store voice data in any format and save on storage costs.

Our Voice Logger solution is user friendly, easily installable and of low maintenance which can be integrated with any communication system and is ideal for any business that demands comprehensive functionality and customization.

Designed to work seamlessly with Predictive Dialler, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and ACD (Automatic Call Distributor) solution, it is perfect for contact centres or enterprises those need an end-to-end solution, or just a standalone voice recording solution that integrated with their existing setup.

The solution maintains highest quality standards with features like 100% automatic recording ensuring complete interaction on both the agent, as well as the trunk side is recorded.

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Call Centre Solutions

Voxpro Cloud Call Centre platform is a powerful tool that allows you to manage all your enterprise calling requirements. Scaling effortlessly to thousands of employees with Voxpro at your disposal makes managing your workforce easier than ever whether they are working from home or office.

Make, receive any number of calls and route calls smartly to respective teams. Create advanced reports and get access to insightful analytics.

Our Cloud Call Centre solutions can transform your contact centre into a full-featured, scalable and reliable multi-channel solution providing to your customers with the best experience without a hassle.

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IVR Solution

Voxpro - The best IVR service provider, we offer smart IVR service configured with a virtual IVR number. Our modern IVR service improves productivity and experience as it enables you to map departments and agents using the extension and so allow you interact with your customers and routes calls to the appropriate agent or department.

Multi-level IVR system – Built to enhance and empower your business. Enhance caller experience with our economical, efficient and easy to use IVR solution.

Voxpro’s multi-level IVR gives your users more options in an organized manner. It allows them to use either natural language or DTMF tones to select options. Being a cloud IVR solution, it enables customers to connect with your agents wherever they are situated on a single customer-facing number. Intelligent IVR’s integrate with your CRM, ticketing or other databases to recognize customers when they call and route them according to your predefined rules.

Self-service solutions allow callers to check ticket status, cancel, and book and return items or get answers to Frequently Asked Questions with ease. From remote tracking to HD call quality, CoreIP provides everything to enhance your business to greater levels.

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Voice Broadcasting & Survey

Voice Broadcasting is a way of simultaneously sharing messages with hundreds and thousands of individuals. Voxpro Voice Broadcasting offers this amazing service of imparting digitally recorded messages to gigantic volumes of telephone numbers.

We also offer Voxpro Text to Speech Programming to share customized data. Our services are delivered across different industry verticals.

We help you share crucial alerts, vital updates, and important information with our voice broadcasting frameworks. Team with us to keep your stakeholders, customers, business associates, and employees well-informed. Get your message to any number of people within the shortest time without waiting for free phone lines!

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Bridge & Scheduler Conferencing

Conference Bridge is the solution offered by Voxpro to provide a full audio conference. Conferencing solution bridges the gap of distances and led your work become faster and easier. With conferencing solution one can access to anyone at any part of the world within a minute.

So directly or indirectly it helps an enterprise to grow and flourish by making the process of communication become easier and faster.

The conferencing solution provided by us is cheaper and faster that suits to our client requirement and the best part of it is that it is very much customizable. So our customers may customize it as per their requirement. You can schedule conference calls for your team at a specified time with ease and flexibility.

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Hostel Solution

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Automated Ticketing System

An automated ticketing system for customer service has some serious potential to speed up ticket resolution times. Not only can automated services provide quick answers to most support queries, it can make representatives more readily available to handle tougher issues that the robots can’t. That's where Voxpro Solutions automated ticketing comes in.

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Work From Home Solution

Voxpro Solutions Work From Home Solution aims at supporting our clients in addressing challenges surfacing due to disturbance in normal operations. Our offering enables clients to rapidly scale up or down their customer service capacity through in-office and WFH agents. We facilitate our clients with rapid deployment of multi-communication channels backed with automation across critical elements of the lifecycle to enhance productivity and efficiency.

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CRM Integration

Voxpro offer professional CRM Phone integration service with popular CRM applications. Managing calls & CRM at the same time can be a challenge for every business.

Features like Call Popup and Click to dial will boost your daily phone tasks and ensure everything is properly tracked in your CRM. With caller recognition [Call Popup], the users will immediately know who is calling.

It will allow the user to track the existing deals or current process going on between the caller and your organization. In case the caller is not on your CRM database, then the call up allow you to create a new contact or lead under that call.

There are several tasks can linked to incoming call pop up on computer. Like create a ticket, create lad, create contact and even assigned ticket to your existing customers.

Crm Phone Integration can dramatically increase the productivity of a business sales team. Crm Telephone integration is not limited to sales team. Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Debt collection Teams and Online stores can take benefit of this by better serve the customer.

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Multi-Site Connectivity

A private WAN (PWAN), IP Virtual Private Network (IP VPN), or MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) network are terms often used interchangeably to describe a private network that links multiple sites.

It offers a secure, segregated and dedicated way to connect across the country or even globally to multiple sites, utilising our core fibre network and integrating access circuits, internet access, next cloud services, data centres and peering with SIP voice networks.

Our core network is intelligently routed, resulting in low, stable latencies, and minimal jitter, even during peak hours. This makes it a great core for voice traffic which is now a key element of multi-site networks using hosted IP telephony. Traffic can take the most intelligent route through the Voxpro Solutions network at any given time, avoiding broken links and high traffic areas.

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Missed Call Application

Missed call numbers and Dual VMNs allow you to open an easy, cost-effective 2-way communication channel with your customers by receiving SMS online or a simple missed call.

Our platform also allows you to flexibly manage inbound missed calls and messages either by setting up automated replies or by forwarding them to your email/application/mobile.

You can also export the customer data to add to your contact lists or CRM system. What’s more, all these actions can be performed easily via the Voxpro Solutions web portal or APIs and require no technical expertise.

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Zoho Integration

Zoho products works with a number of other cloud apps. Leverage our expertise to integrate the apps you’re already using and the ones you will be using. Let us show you how to get there.