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What is Cloud Call Center Software?

A cloud-based call center software provides a communication platform to both company and its clients for handling customer calls and interactions over the internet. A cloud Call center software enables the supervisors and managers to track key call center metrics and enhance the customer support team's performance to improve end-customer satisfaction.

Features of Cloud-Based Call Center Software


Voxpro Solutions click-to-call solution adds to agents’ productivity by saving their time to dial out customer numbers. This cuts manual tasks for Agents and leads to a dramatic improvement in agent productivity.

Live-call Transfer

Voxpro Solutions live call transfer facilitates forwarding of your live calls to multiple departments or agents with live call transfer, leading to faster query resolution.

CRM Integration

CRM integration allows effortless connectivity between CRM software and third-party applications. In addition, these integrations facilitate automated actions that augment the functions of your software. This will enable you to cancel the need to switch back and forth among systems.

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

ACD enables contact centers to manage large volumes of calls to avoid overwhelming the team. In addition, Voxpro Solutions ACD capabilities help you enhance customer experiences by ensuring they are connected to the most capable agent as quickly as possible.

Auto Dialer

Automate your outbound contact center operations by adding an autodialer in your cloud contact center software. Voxpro Solutions offers Predictive Dialer, Preview Dialer, and Progressive Dialer that you can choose from, per your business requirements.

Predictive Dialer

Predictive Dialer determines the expected call connectivity and duration to automatically dial the numbers and connect with a specific agent as soon as they are available. This assists in locking higher sales and increasing the company’s bottom line. A predictive dialer maximizes the agent’s efficiency by eliminating repetitive tasks.

Progressive Dialer

Progressive dialers increases call rate by dialing as soon as the agent is available, which is faster than manual dialing. The progressive dialer also reduces failed calls or calls to customers whose number might be unreachable.

Analytical Dashboards

Analytical dashboards are essential to analyse your call center data. This data can then be used to explore all factors of call center performance, share insights with your team and boost performance.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Voxpro Solutions IVR capabilities help you Identify and route all customer calls to the most suitable agents depending on the caller’s input with an intelligent IVR system.

Call Monitoring Tools

The call monitoring tools allow you to easily monitor all live calls and that too without the knowledge of the agent. This ensures that agents are polite, courteous, and friendly with customers.

Number Masking

Number masking helps businesses safeguard their customers’ identities and prevent the misuse of sensitive information, which is enabled by anonymizing customers’ phone numbers.

CTI Integration

CTI implementation reduces the average duration of each call, thus ensuring higher agent productivity.

Call Recording

Voxpro Solutions voice logger ensures that customer interactions over calls are logged, compressed, structured, presented, and archived efficiently and allows privilege-based access to call recordings and logs.

Daily Email Reports

Daily Email Reports can be set as a schedule where you can select the report parameters while creating the schedule. This report can be shared with stakeholders or FTP server automatically via email.

After Business Hour Management

After Business Hour Management feature is useful when the agent is “Out of Office” / Customer is reaching out beyond working hours. The customer will hear an OOH prompt and will be given an option to leave a voicemail (optional) or register for a call back (optional).

Agent Self-Monitoring

Voxpro Solutions Agent Self-Monitoring App allows the agent to view and monitor his performance throughout the day. (Number of calls taken, login duration, etc)

Frequently Asked Questions

A cloud call center is hosted over the internet system to manage all your inbound and outbound calls. Being a cloud-based system, this call center setup enables your call center agents to work remotely. A cloud-based call center is essentially a comprehensive call center suite packed with tools and applications to help businesses ace their customer service and support virtually.

Voxpro Solutions cloud solution is hosted on Asia’s largest rated ‘4’ hyperscale data center for data security and provides 99.9 uptime with 24×7 global support via phone, email and webchat

Yes. With Voxpro Solutions cloud call center solution, you can switch from landlines or traditional PBX systems to cloud-based cloud call center solutions.

Yes. We can use your existing numbers with our Cloud call center solution.

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