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On-premises is the software and technology that is located within the physical confines of an enterprise often in the company’s data center.


The cloud telephony solutions from Voxpro Solutions ensure a stable and efficient communication between your customers and your business.


A hybrid telephone system can be thought of as a stepping stone between a traditional analog phone system and a VoIP phone system.

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Enhance your enterprise’s corporate calling experience by using our convenient EPABX feature.

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Increase agility and efficiency of your business operations using Voxpro Solutions Telephony Solutions.

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Ensure that you stay in touch with your remote teams using the Audio/Video conferencing.

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We Work With Small To Large Businesses From Minor Desktop Issues To Major Network Outages

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Connect, create, collaborate with Voxpro Solutions interactive displays. Discover solutions made for the way teams work today.

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Get smart and flexible cctv surveillance options for your business and security team by Voxpro Solutions.

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Make use of our GSM infrastructure and GSM schemes to gain access to cost-effective solutions.

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We provide various range of cost effective and world class quality PRI card

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Gain easy and quick connections between your analogue telephone lines and our IP based PBX systems.

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Voxpro Solutions SIP trunk offers best-in-class IP solution which makes calling efficient.

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Our Solutions


Voxpro Solutions IP PBX solution is an Open Source based Unified communication solution with packed High end features which enables your business to be future ready.

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Voice Logger

Call logger or voice logger system is an important tool that records and stores interactions between contact center agents and customers.

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Call Center Solutions

Voxpro Solutions Call Center Software helps manage your call center solution needs in a most efficient way and take advantage of industry best features.

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CRM Integration

Voxpro Solutions CRM software maintains the record of sales and schedule activities that need a follow-up for increasing productivity.

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IVR Solution

Buy Voxpro Solutions advanced IVR solutions for your enterprise. Improve customer experience through an integrated IVR number today.

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Voice broadcasting and survey

Build a personalized calling experience for your customers. Track, manage, and build call flows using Voxpro Solutions.

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Bridge & Scheduler Conferencing

With Voxpro Solutions conference bridging service, you can schedule both phone and video conferences with multiple participants from one platform.

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Hostel Solution

Voxpro Solutions Call Center Software helps manage your call center solution needs in a most efficient way and take advantage of industry best features.

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Automated Ticketing System

Powerup your customer support with Voxpro Solutions Automated Ticketing System

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Work From Home Solution

Voxpro Solutions Work From Home Solution aims at supporting our clients in addressing challenges surfacing due to disturbance in normal operations.

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Multi-Site Connectivity

Secure, high-speed transport that helps your business grow faster and safer.

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Missed Call Application

Build interactive campaigns, get instant customer feedback with India’s best missed call service provider.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of your IVR solution is based on your usage. We can get you a detailed summary of the pricing for your requirement.

We can help you out with that. Depending on your business needs, we will help build a suitable IVR flow. Contact us to know more.

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. It is a technology that allows a pre-recorded voice to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via the keypad.

Cloud telephony is a technology that takes your phone system on cloud and each call is conducted on hosted servers, eliminating the need to install any traditional hardware.

Yes, they do. Specifically, hybrid telephone systems support legacy calling technologies as well as IP-based calling.

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