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What is CRM Integration?

CRM integration allows effortless connectivity between CRM software and third-party applications. These integrations facilitate automated actions that augment the functions of your software. This allows you to cancel the need to switch back and forth among systems.



Two-way Sync

Call Recording

Interactive Voice Response

Auto Dialer

Quality Monitoring

Live Monitoring

Call Reports

Call Analytics

Automated Workflows

Frequently Asked Questions

The most prominent advantage of a good CRM system is the capability to automate many aspects of your sales and marketing processes. These processes may stretch over several applications requiring data and process integration. Moreover, a good CRM also enhances the quality of data along with reducing errors.

Voxpro Solutions is fully capable of co-existing with the current infrastructure of an organization. Eg, PBX, CRM, Ticketing, customer’s existing database or any kind of hard phones or soft phones. There are various methods of integration through which this can be made possible. Example: URL based integration or web toolbar integration in case of a CRM.

Yes, we can easily integrate Voxpro Solutions with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR). However, Voxpro Solutions provides a highly customizable IVR of its own with powerful integration capabilities.

For example, a customer calls a call center. The system passes the CLI to the backend system and figures out that it’s the registered customer. Thus the IVR options and prompts are played customized for a customer and not a prospect.

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