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Companies Blossom with Cloud Telephony Services

Power up your communications suite with Voxpro Solutions cloud telephony solutions. Set up contact centres, automate thousands of calls simultaneously, access important data in a few clicks, and oversee all your process with just a single portal.

What's more forget about bulky infrastructure and heavy CAPEX. You only need a stable Internet connection for cloud telephony services.


Why Move Your Business to Cloud

Quick Setup

Eliminate the inconvenience of buying and installing the physical infrastructure. Get started with your cloud call centre within minutes.

Call Management Solution

All-in-one call management solution provides you the access to call recording, forwarding, routing and other important calling features.

Agent Management Portal

Get access to an online portal which keeps track of the agent’s performance over a comprehensive dashboard.

Real-time Call Analytics

Monitor live calls and campaign progress on our continuous tracking reports. Customize these reports as per your business requirement.

Add-on Application Integration

Maximize business productivity by integrating your telephony system with CRM, Google Sheets and other important applications.

Zero Infrastructure Investment

Setup and maintain cloud telephony system without investing a huge amount in infrastructure purchase.


Voxpro Solutions + Cloud telephony = Masterful business communication

Work from home

With the portability cloud telephony services brings and its support across the many mediums that are as commonly found in your house as the office (website/app), you can easily move your business communications home if the need arises. It’s possible to manage your campaigns, take customer calls, and even make correct business decisions.

Safe and secure

As cloud telephony services are automatically backed up to the cloud, you’ll never lose your data. Everything exists on the server, which has its own fail-proof backups, so a limitation of traditional telephony—where all your data was stored in one place and could be destroyed because of a single incident—stops being a concern here.

Integrations aplenty

You never have to sit and re-create contact lists, or search the seven seas for past customer interaction and data, because with cloud telephony, data flows continuously. It also helps that there are so many software that can be easily integrated with Voxpro Solutions portal using APIs and general compatibility.

All-in-one call management

Before the advent of cloud telephony, complex or different hardware was required for each function—be it call recording, routing, phone booking, etc. Now, every function is digital and augmented to function using a single portal. It’s really a breeze to manage calls when you don’t have to shift machines or even software.