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What is Voice logger?

A voice logger is a application used to record incoming/outgoing calls from any telecom communication device. Voxpro Voice Logger is a multi-channel voice logging tool that is used for training, quality control and legal interception of calls.



Complete and comprehensive reporting of your Calls.


Web browser based access for easy configuration and management.


Records all the Calls (100% Recording).


All Call Centre Resources like Servers, Calls and PRI Can be monitored live.


"Bridging Your Customer Solutions"

Customization: As per your business process requirement.

PBX Integration: Can be integrated to any external PBX on standard interfaces like PRI/SIP.


"To ensure security and integrity of your call centre"

Highly Secure Access: User Rights are Restricted and Password typing is masked.

Voice Encryption: Voice can be encrypted between server & agent to avoid snapping.

Session Handling: No user can view the reports without the login of admin.

No Data Injection: Data Injection is prevented in MYSQL Server.

Cross Site Attack: Application is guarded against cross site attack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Voice logger refers to a call recording system for call centres to record every inbound and outbound call. These recordings are useful to do call quality analysis and for training purposes.

Some of the features of the best voice logger software are:

- 100 percent call recording (inbound and outbound)

- Real-time monitoring of live calls

- Playback functionality to score agent performance and ensure conversation quality.

Additionally, businesses can opt for a voice log archive for long-term storage of voice logs as part of compliance and regulatory requirements.

Voice Logger is a piece of hardware and software that connects to phone networks and logs communications. The electronic file is saved in WAV, GSM formats for later playing or transcription. The sort of call recording system that would work best for you depends on your company’s demands.

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