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What is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response System:

IVR stands for Interactive voice response. It is a technology that enables callers to interact with a computer-operated phone system that uses voice recognition and DTMF tones input via a keypad.

In simple words, an IVR system plays a pre-recorded voice that prompts individuals to give their responses by pressing numbers on the mobile keypad to choose an option.


Delivering Best-in-class IVR Solution

Add-on Application Integration

Maximise business productivity by integrating your telephony system with CRM, Google Sheets and other important applications.

Programmable Multi-level IVR

Design your multi level IVR with multiple levels and configure each level with a highly-customised menu and call flow structure.

Professional Voice Over Artists

Our dedicated voice over professionals ensures your brand gets high-quality IVR recordings for every business need.

Live Call Monitoring Dashboard

Review your call centre’s performance by keeping a check on the live status of active, on-hold and disconnected calls.

Built-in Text-to-Speech

Dynamically convert written texts into audio messages to align your message scripts with customer needs.

Call Barging/Whispering

Barge or whisper into an active call and ensure error-free customer service by assisting agents in customer handling.


Spend Less and Deliver More

Auto-attend Incoming Calls

Automatically answer all the incoming calls and provide customers with a detailed menu structure for self-help navigation.

Build Professional Brand Image

Greet callers with a warm voice message and reflect a professional brand image in every customer conversation.

Boost Agent Productivity

Maximise agent’s productivity by eliminating everyday mundane tasks and shift focus on high-value customer interactions.

Handle High Call Volumes

With self-help and auto-receptionist options, businesses can handle rising call volumes effortlessly.

Deliver Rich Customer Experience

Deliver a rich customer experience by identifying, segmenting and routing the calls to the most qualified agents.

Maximise First Call Resolution

Redirect calls to the best-suited agent and ensure a successful query resolution in the first call itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are three types of IVRs that Voxpro provides. Single-level IVR, as the name suggests, requires a single input before routing/disconnecting. Multi-level IVRs function across levels. And custom dial-plan IVRs allow for more functionality as per your requirements.

Yes, the IVR can be tweaked as per the customer’s need. This includes multi-input digit tracking, and using APIs to interact with the database, among other requirements. Different dial-plans can be implemented according to the set-up.

You can, and in two different ways. The first one has Voxpro provide a virtual phone number to which you forward calls from your existing number. This number is then used for IVR services. Or, the second way has the customer port their number to Voxpro. This resolves all forwarding issues that might occur in case the existing number is from a different telephony circle.

In case you are opting for a robotic IVR, it can be implemented within four working hours. For human recording IVR, expect it to take 24-48 hours.