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Hybrid Telephone System Solutions

A Hybrid Telephone System combines an onsite telephone system with cloud and VoIP functionality, allowing you to take advantage of the benefits of each while providing you with the feature-rich functionality and flexibility you need to meet your business communication needs.

A hybrid telephone system solution makes your transition to a cloud telephone system solution seamless, allowing you to get the most out of your existing telephone system investment and giving you the time to plan for your future unified communication needs.

Benefits of Hybrid Telephone System

A rapid reduction in your business communication costs.

The introduction of VoIP dramatically reduces your costs compared with a traditional system that routes calls over the PSTN and with connectivity options being what they are, there is no perceived loss in call quality.

A virtually no risk migration to modern VoIP technology.

A adopting a hybrid approach, your existing service remains the same and additional features and functionality are added seamlessly. This makes the process incredibly smooth and shortens the time for you to see a benefit, allowing you to quickly lower your costs and ensure that you have excellent disaster recovery functionality ready for when the worst happens.

Enjoy the best of both worlds.

You get to maintain complete control of your telephone system infrastructure, extending the life of your system and the associated return on investment, taking advantage of the extensive feature set all while benefitting from the advantages of IP based calling.

Take advantage of the efficient Management of Peak Loads.

Once operational, you will be able to quickly and easily scale the VoIP side of your system up and down to cater for peak loads, ensuring that vital calls are never missed.

Features of Hybrid Telephone System

Flexibility as you combine the best parts of multiple systems.

Options around your connectivity around analogue, ISDN and SIP Trunks.

Extensive remote working capabilities.

Effortless hot disking capabilities.

Proven unified communications functionality such as auto-attendant and intelligent call routing.

Excellent audio conferencing.

Seamless computer telephone interaction capabilities.

Leading contact centre options, such as queues, live status monitoring and the like.